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What is the SET graduation requirement?

Beginning in fall 2019, newly enrolled First-Year and Transfer students must complete Professional Experience or Global/Transcultural Experiences or Undergraduate Research as part of the two-category graduation requirement.  Other undergraduate students must complete any two of the first six SET categories.  The seventh category (Special Recognition) does not count toward the 2-category graduation requirement.

A SET activity was submitted for my approval; what do I do?
When a student submits a SET activity for your approval, you will receive an automated email with a direct link to approve or deny the submission.  You can also access this page by logging in to Sentry Secured Services and clicking "SET Processing" under the Faculty heading.  On this page, you can review all activities submitted to you.  If a student successfully completed the submitted activity to your satisfaction, you can approve the submission.  If the student has not completed the activity, you can decline the submission or let it wait in your queue until the student has completed the activity.  You may also decline activities from students you do no know, or if the activity is not one with which you are familiar/involved.  When you decline an activity in Sentry, the student will receive an automated email telling them to contact the SET Office.

How can I submit an activity for a group of students?
See instructions

What is the Arts Appreciation Portfolio?
A completed Arts Appreciation Portfolio satisfies the Arts, Culture, and Creativity SET category.  It entails attending five cultural events or visiting five cultural sites  - including but not limited to theatrical performances, lectures, art galleries, and museums - and writing a 1-page reflection about each (See rubric for guidance.) to be reviewed by a faculty member.  When submitting an activity for the Arts Appreciation Portfolio to you, a student should first provide you with his or her paper and then submit the activity for your approval through Sentry.  If you have any questions about the eligibility of an event or the content of the paper, please contact us.

**Any RMU faculty member - regardless of discipline - can review reflections for the Arts Appreciation Portfolio.**

What is considered "Undergraduate Research" for the SET?
Each academic department defines Undergraduate Research, as it varies widely across disciplines.  Please check with your department head about this.  Students typically complete the Undergraduate Research SET category through theses, capstones, and conference presentations.

Can students earn SET credit through a course I am teaching?
Perhaps; please contact us with more information.  Depending on the course and related assignments, students may be able to work toward or satisfy the Undergraduate Research, Professional Experience, Leadership or Service category.

I am hosting an event; how can I add it to your calendar of SET activities?
Please contact us with more information, including the event time, date, location, and a brief description.  If the event is relevant to the SET, we will add it to our calendar.  If your event is added to our calendar, please be sure to update our office immediately if there are any changes.