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Category Description

The goal of this category is to foster active civic engagement on the part of students, because the university views engaging in volunteer community service as essential to developing well rounded citizen-leaders. Volunteer community service includes donating one’s time and talents in partnership with myriad nonprofit organizations whose diverse missions address critical needs. The volunteer service may take place on campus, when appropriate.

Examples and Criteria

Examples of activities that satisfy this category include:
  • Completing a pre-approved Alternative Break trip
  • Completing a minimum of 30 documented hours of volunteer service in partnership with pre-approved nonprofit organizations
  • Completing a minimum of 30 documented hours of pre-approved volunteer service individually or as part of a student or professional student organization
  • Completing an academic course that includes a service-learning component

The 30 hours can be served at more than one pre-approved service site and can be spread out over the four years of undergraduate study. Service sites and Alternative Break opportunities must be pre-approved by the Engaged Learning & Community Involvement (ELCI) officeService activities will not be recorded on the SET until 30 cumulative hours have been completed.

Community service completed as part of a judicial sanction imposed by the University does not qualify.

Please note: Donation of items does not qualify for service hours.

Getting SET Category Approval

Students who participate in service activities that are coordinated by ELCI will receive automatic approval for their Service category SET activity. Service activities will not be recorded on the SET until 30 cumulative hours have been completed

To receive SET approval for a Service activity that is not coordinated by ELCI, students should first request pre-approval from ELCI. Once the activity has been completed, students must provide documentation to ELCI indicating the number of service hours that were successfully completed. These activities are not self-reported through the Sentry online submission process. For more information regarding approval and submission of service activities, please contact us