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Undergraduate Graduation Requirement Policy

To qualify for a degree, undergraduate students must complete a minimum of two Engaged Learning categories on their Student Engagement Transcript (SET). This policy applies to students who enrolled as freshmen beginning with the Fall 2009 term and students who enrolled as transfers beginning with the Fall 2011 term. 

Activities in the following categories count toward the requirement: 
  • Arts, Culture and Creativity 
  • Transcultural/Global Experiences 
  • Undergraduate Research 
  • Service 
  • Leadership 
  • Professional Experience 

In addition, students may receive acknowledgement for additional accomplishments under the Special Recognition/Special Projects/Student Activity Participation category. Those accomplishments will be noted on the SET, but will not fulfill the Engaged Learning Graduation Requirement. 

* Students must also meet all of the academic graduation requirements to qualify for a degree (See Undergraduate Graduation Requirements Policy).