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FAQ (Students)

What is the SET graduation requirement?
Undergraduate students must complete any 2 of the first 6 categories.

How can I become more aware of events for my SET?
Add our Google Calendar of on-campus SET-related events to your own calendar!  Follow our Facebook (RMUengage) page to get information about events that are happening on and off campus.  Also, check out our Resources page for information on upcoming events and links to activities in the Pittsburgh area.

What is the Arts Appreciation Portfolio?
A completed Arts Appreciation Portfolio satisfies the Arts, Culture, and Creativity SET category.  It entails attending 5 cultural events - including but not limited to theatrical performances, lectures, art galleries, and museums - and writing a 1-page response to each (see rubric for guidance).  When submitting an activity for the Arts Appreciation Portfolio, you should first contact your professor and provide your paper to him or her, then submit the activity for approval through Sentry.  If you have any questions about the eligibility of an event or the content of the paper, please contact us.

How do I submit an activity online?

Click here for instructions on submitting a SET activity through Sentry.  If your activity is not listed as an option in the submission form, email set@rmu.edu with information about the activity so it can be added to the form.  Internships and service hours cannot be submitted online; please contact us for more information.  Tip:  Scrolling below the submission form will allow you to see activities that are in progress, such as Service hours and Portfolio activities.

How can I view my SET online?
Log in to your student Sentry Secured Services account and click on the "View Student Engagement Transcript (SET)" link under the Academic heading.

How do I request an official SET?
To request an official copy of your SET, log in to your student Sentry Secured Services account and click on the "Transcripts" link under the Academic heading. This will take you to the online request form for both official academic transcripts and official SETs. As you complete the form, remember to check the Electronic Signature button at the bottom. Click the "Submit" button when you are finished filling in all of the boxes.

What happens if I complete all 7 categories?
You are now considered a Renaissance student and will receive the Renaissance Award upon graduation!  If you are interested in pursuing the Renaissance Award, please contact us.  This will allow us to appropriately advise you as you complete your SET and properly recognize you at your graduation ceremony.  Please note: Students who earn the Renaissance Award will be recognized in the Spring of the academic year (Summer - Spring) in which they graduate.

Can I request a waiver for my SET?
Students experiencing extenuating circumstances can apply for a waiver or substitution of one or more of the SET categories by completing the Waiver Application form and providing supporting documentation.  Waiver applications are reviewed by a committee and applicants are notified of the committee's decision in writing.  U.S. military veterans may use their years of service to waive their SET requirement by completing the Waiver Application for Veterans form and submitting their DD-214.

What are important deadlines I should be aware of?
If you are planning to graduate at the end of the current semester and have not yet completed your SET requirement, you should get in touch with our office immediately to create a plan.  All activities will need to be completed a few weeks before final grades are due at the end of the semester.

If you are working on all 7 categories for the Renaissance award, you should get in touch with our office no later than the beginning of the semester during which you intend to graduate.  This allows us to make sure you are on track, to verify any activities you are finishing, and make sure you are recognized as a Renaissance award recipient in Commencement materials (the deadline is usually in early April).

For comments, suggestions, and any other questions...
Please contact us.