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Special Recognition
*Please note that this category does NOT fulfill the SET graduation requirement.

The goal of this category is to formally acknowledge students who have exceeded expectations in and/or outside the classroom.

Examples of activities that satisfy this category include:
  • Robert Morris University-bestowed certificates, including University and academic departmental recognitions and student organization-related awards (e.g., Dean's Scholar, Signature Leadership Award, Dean's List, Rising Star Award)
  • Recognition from a national educational organization (e.g., fraternity/sorority awards)
  • Non-academic acknowledgements from a reputable organization for a student's work in a professional or community setting, which represents the student's co-curricular, educational, experiential, and/or professional learning
All certificates, awards, and recognitions must be obtained during the student's attendance at Robert Morris University. No awards will be considered that are not applicable to the student's educational and/or professional development.

Special Projects
The goal of this category is to allow students to extend, connect, or deepen their learning in unique ways that may not be expressed in the other 6 SET categories. Students are given the flexibility to demonstrate their engagement by completing projects that:
  1. Apply different ways of knowing (e.g., oral, verbal, tactile, imaginative, rational, intuitive, artistic, scientific)
  2. Bring together the methods, insights, concerns, or subject matters of different disciplines
  3. Entail non-traditional ways of approaching a topic
  4. Explore ways of learning through experiential activities that do not properly fit in the other SET categories

Special projects may differ widely because of the open nature of the category, but certain basic criteria must be met:
  • Pre-approval from a faculty or staff sponsor, AND
  • Presentation describing the project, OR
  • Reflection paper written after completion of the activity, OR
  • On-going journal maintained throughout the experience

The goal of this category is to chronicle student participation in a variety of activities. Participation is defined as students who are actively involved in co-curricular activities such as athletic teams, campus organizations, student government-recognized clubs, and special University events and programs.

Examples of activities that satisfy this category include:
  • Participation with a recognized athletic or intramural sport
  • Participation in a recognized student organization
  • Participation in an RMU-sponsored event

To receive SET approval for the Special Recognition, Special Projects, and Participation category, students can submit the activity through their Sentry Secured Services account.

Log into account and click on Submit SET Activity under Academics: 
Sentry Secured Services.  The RMU SET Guide to Submitting an Activity gives step-by-step instructions on completing this process.

Please note that only authorized University faculty and staff may approve submission.  Only authorized approvals will be processed.

Special Recognition
Evidence of the award or special recognition must be provided to the approving faculty or staff member prior to online submission. Please note: Dean's List and recognition as a Dean's Scholar will be reported by the Dean's office and the Engaged Learning office; students do not need to submit for these recognitions.

Special Projects
Students must obtain pre-approval from an authorized University faculty or staff sponsor prior to the commencement of a special project.

Participation in University-recognized activities will be approved by that activity's faculty or staff sponsor.

Students should also notify the faculty or staff member before submitting a SET activity requiring approval.  Approval of activities in this category lies at the discretion of the faculty or staff sponsor.  Once the activity has been submitted and approved/denied, the student will be notified of the status by an automated email.

Questions should be directed to Micah Thompson, Advisor at (412) 397-6430 or or Donna Anderson, Senior Director, at (412) 397-6492 or